50 Vegan Sandwiches

Every so often the New York Times has a huge food section article with like, 101 ideas for salads or 101 ideas for grilling. My Dad usually saves the print version from his work and brings it home for me, where I proceed to drool over the unlimited possibilities, or at least the vegetarian ones. (Btw, how great is my Dad? He is in Egypt right now covering the protests! Crazy, right?)

The idea is, relatively simple combos that might be a bit unusual or sort of a cheater recipe for something usually prepared in a more complex way. Or maybe even classics that you don't normally think of as being "fast food." Regardless, the list-iness of it jogs your memory and inspires you to come up with interesting meals instead of opting for that restaurant, frozen item, or over-used standby.

In my opinion, us vegans need something like this. A long list of ideas for simple snacks or whatever, not so much recipes as combinations that you can use as a guideline for improvisation.

So! I will start off with a list for sandwiches! This is not meant to be exhaustive and leans toward my own personal tastes, so if you have any good and simple ideas, leave it in the comments! And if you want to make a list like this for desserts, breakfast, snacks, ect, go ahead and leave a comment and we can link it up. It'll be an instant score for anyone wondering what to eat for a quickie vegan meal. So without further ado...!

50 Vegan Sandwiches!!!


1. The Hummus Supreme: Hummus + cucumbers + tomatoes + thin sliced red onion + drizzle of pomengranate molasses on multigrain bread

2. The Roasted Wrap: Balsamic Roasted eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms + tomatoes + basil and arugula rolled into a lavash or tortilla

3. The Portobello: Grilled, marinated portobello mushrooms + roasted red peppers + hummus + basil on french bread

4. The Rueben: Tempeh bacon + Vegan Russian dressing + Sauerkraut on toasted sourdough

5. The Poor and Toasty: Herbed Earth balance slathered on a roll and toasted face-down in a nonstick pan until crusty, stuffed with tomatoes and or onions (depending on level of poverty).

6. Italiano: Pesto mixed into a little vegan mayo + tomatoes + olives + roasted eggplant on focacia or ciabatta

7. The Pizza Bagel: Tomato Sauce + Sliced Mushrooms + plenty of nooch (or soy moz) on two bagel halves, broiled.

*Breakfast Sammies*

8. The Waffle-wich: Peanut Butter + Sliced Bananas+ Drizzle of Maple Syrup, between two toasted frozen waffles

9. The Wafflewich, revisted: Same as above except with vegan sausage patties (like Gimme Lean) instead of bananas and pb. (Oh, like you haven't done it.)

10. The Scramble: Tofu scramble wrapped up, burrito style, in a tortilla

11. The Mexican Scramble: Tofu scramble + guac + salsa in a tortilla

12. The Radial Bagel: Soy Cream Cheese + Sliced Avocado + Sliced Tomato + thin sliced red onion + sprouts open faced on a grilled bagel

13. The Einstein: Chopped veggies and herbs folded into soy cream cheese + everything bagel

14. The McTuffin: Broiled/ Baked Tofu + Nooch Cheesy sauce or soy cheese slices+ circular breakfast sausage on an English muffin. (They serve these at Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC, btw.)

*Fruity Favorites*

15. Elvis: Peanut butter+ banana grilled in earth balance (add in a slice of soy bacon if you're feeling really cheeky.)

16. PB + F: Peanut/ Almond/ Cashew butter+ fresh sliced peaches, apples, strawberries, ect.

17. The Weekender: Sliced green apples + whole grain mustard + vidalia onions on pumpernickel

18. Sophisticated: Faux Cream cheese + Fig preserves + sliced toasted almonds, open-faced on good mulitgrain bread

19. Bollywood: Mango chutney+ faux cheddar, grilled cheese style

20. La Casita: Pan-fried, sliced plantains + chili powder + peanut butter in a tortilla

21. The Brussels : Sliced Apples+ Shredded Carrots+ Soy Cream Cheese + Agave Nectar in French Bread

22. The Peaches and Cream: Sliced peaches + creamed cashews + drizzle of agave stuffed inside a panini and grilled

23. The Lover: Toasted french bread+ vegan chocolate hazelnut spread + sliced strawberries + dusting of cinnamon or powdered sugar (serve w/ soymilk, plz)

24. The Banana Cream Pie: Sliced Bananas+ Soy cream cheese + brown sugar broiled open-faced on thick cut multigrain bread or a bagel.

*Protein Central*
25. BLT w/ a twist: Crispy tempeh bacon + Avocado slices+ lettuce+ tomato slices on toast

26. Meatball Sub: Leftover meatballs + leftover spaghetti sauce + soy cheese on a sub roll

27. Turkey club: Tempeh bacon + deli slices+ lettuce, tomato and mustard

28. The Momma's boy: Veganaise+ Lettuce+ Tomato + Soy Cheese + Deli Slices

29. The Way-better McRib: Broiled Morningstar Riblets + Slaw on focaccia

30. BBQ Baby: BBQ Tofu+ Grilled/ Caramelized Onions+ Toasted Roll

31. The Sailor Girl: (Leftover) breaded, fried tofu + veganaise mixed with a little relish or capers + generous squeeze lemon on a roll

32. The Babysitter: Cooked Soy hot dog, cut in 1/2 + Ketchup and Relish on whatever bread available (just make it fast, before the parents get home)

*Salad Sandwiches*

33. The Greek: Lettuce+ Cucumbers+ Slivered almonds+ grapes+ olives+ crumbled tofu+ Greek dressing stuffed into a warm pita

34. Tofu Salad: Not-egg salad on white toast (not for me, thankyouverymuch)

35. The Jimmy: Tons of raw spinach + thin sliced red onions + red pepper hummus on a toasted bagel

36. The Leftover heaven: Whatever awesome salad you had yesterday inside a hollowed out french bread loaf

37. The Chik'n Salad: Mashed cooked chickpeas + diced onion and carrots + relish + vegan mayo + salt, pepper and praprika on toast

38. The Tahini Dream: Roasted Eggplant + Spinach + tomato chunks in tahini miso dressing (equal parts tahini and miso plus a little warm water and agave nectar) rolled in a lavash

*Even More Sandwiches

39. The Portobello burger: Grilled or broiled portobello mushroom cap + pesto + tomato slices on a burger roll

40. The Patty Melt: Grilled Black Bean Burger + Grilled onions + soy american style cheese, grilled in between two buttered sour dough slices. A southern classic.

41. The Orange Monster: Roasted sweet potato mashed and spread over a whole grain tortilla + mushrooms + onions + corn + spinach + hot sauce

42. Mexi-Wrap: Mashed black beans + salsa + guac + jalapenos rolled in a whole grain tortilla

43. The kid brother: PB+J + potato chips

44. The Doug: Sliced, roasted beets + avocado slices + sweet mustard + sliced onion on whole grain bread

45. The George Bush Sr.: Broccoli or Broccoli Rabe + Nooch + Red Pepper Flakes, broiled on sturdy whole grain bread until broccoli is starting to char in places

46. The Tea Luncheon: Thin sliced radishes + cucumbers+ salt and pepper + soy cream cheese on white toast with the crust cut off.

47. The Open Sesame: Baba Ganoush + roasted red peppers + roasted zucchini + squeeze of lemon on pita

48. The Subway: Cukes+ tomatoes + sliced onions+ lettuce + Italian dressing on a hoagie roll

49. Harriet the Spy: Veganaise + Tomatoes + plenty of salt and pepper on wonderbread

50. The Pita: Falafel+ red cabbage slaw + hummus/ soy-yogurt sauce/ hot sauce in a warm pita

...so, that's about what I could come up with. Please add your faves in the comments!


Jennifer said...

This is AWESOME!

I really like a smashed chickpea salad sandwich with roasted red peppers and vegan mayo.

Emma said...

This is brilliant. Sooo many people say to me, what do you have on your sandwiches?? Now I can answer with something other than hummus!
Thank you :)

jd said...

Heh - I like the "George Bush Sr." sandwich!!

And yes, that's the first, last, and only time the words "George Bush" (Sr. or W!) and "like" will ever be in the same sentence - coming from my mouth anyway...

Great post!

PS I hope your dad stays safe!

Lauren said...

And bookmarked. I now wish I had bread.

Vic Robinson said...

Wow! So many bad ass sandwiches and ideas! Great compilation. :)


Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler said...

Great list! I'll have to pass this post on to others.

vegiebug said...

holy wowzer. Yes I DID bookmark this page for further sandwich use!

sophia said...

wow, good work! three cheers for vegan sandwiches.

Chizzy D said...

omg thx for this.

jessy said...

i love you, T! damn, you make me want a sammie and you're making me wanna create some awesomeness.

to the sammie list (and i know these are kinda odd ones) i'd like to add:

pb & "honey": pb + agave nectar.

wingz sammie: hot sauced tempeh wingz + vegan ranch dressing + sprouts + lettuce.

tater sammie: potato salad + extra vegenaise + pickles

the pickle: earth balance + dill pickle chips (my grandmother's favorite)

you are the best, T. the. best. :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am going to share this.

Fanny said...

Cool! Will you collect other lists and make a post of them all later? Would be awesome! I know there has been some lists like this over at the PPK forum, I'll try to find them!

T said...

Thanks for the additions guys!

jessy said...

i have been thinking about these all day, T - i'd like to add another....

cc&o: cream cheeze & olive sammies. seriously, it's awesome! slice up green pimento olives and spread on the tofutti. it's glorious on a bagel, too!

Fanny said...

Here's a list with food that don't require heating, good for packing lunches! http://scratch-sniff.blogspot.com/2010/10/baby-its-cold-outside.html

melissa said...

This list is AMAZING!!!!!

Bliss Doubt said...

I have one for ya: peanut butter and grated carrots on whole wheat.

David said...

wonderful! i've written them all down and affixed them to the refrigerator.

Kirsti said...

Wow this is great! So many ideas. Think I'll bookmark this too :)

The Rockin' Vegan said...

Really brilliant list! SO many creatively delicious sounding ideas. Cheers and thanks for posting - can't wait to get to work on trying some of these...

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Great list :-)

Lauren said...

Wow I'm loving the Doug and.. well.. all of your sammiches! I'm a sammich lover for sure! Can't wait to try some of these!

Anonymous said...

My personal favourite:

Flax seed bread spread with a thick layer of hummus, lots of black pepper, alfalfa sprouts, some kind of lettuce, thin slices of cucumer and...sliced dill pickles.


Anonymous said...

oh boy. Toasted sprouted grain bread slathered with veganaise and topped with tofurkey and cranberry sauce. I usually have it around thanksgiving and then think about it all year. Generally I make sandwiches with hickory smoked tofurkey deli slices, veganaise, tomatoes, lots of yellow mustard and a big leaf of romaine on toasted wheat and then have that with a big bowl of veggie soup for lunch. I also like the lower calorie spectrum brand light vegan mayo if I can find it. It's still really good. Otherwise I stick with soft wheat bread, chunky peanut butter and blackberry jam.

Anonymous said...

Vegemite (or marmite) to taste with finely chopped walnuts on really fresh bread. Really simple using store cupboard ingredients. Absolutely delicious.

Anonymous said...

What a load of hypercrites, arn't plants, vegetables, lettuces etc living things too, i dont think some animals would think twice about killing you's and eating you.

Anonymous said...

dude with the "hypocrite" comment, nobody on this board said anything about not wanting to eat animals because of a noble cause...its about sandwich recipes, moron. I personally think animals and processed foods are tasty, I also think heroin makes you feel good. My point being both are terrible for your health and it's about self control. here's a good film for you to look at, 'Forks over Knives'...what is this guy even on here for anyway? haha ...anyway, awesome recipe ideas!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. These look delicious. I'm brand new to a vegan lifestyle, and am only a teenager, so I thought that this whole vegan thing would fail for me if I didn't get some decent things to eat for lunch. You have no clue how much you have helped me out.

Anonymous said...

the i'm too cheap to buy tofurky be cause it was really expensive at the health food store so instead i made a vegan sandwhich out of random delicious ingredients: a layer of lemon dill or veggie hummus, pickle slices,and lettuce on whole grain bread toasted.
At first I ate this just because it was the only vegan stuff in the house, but now i really love it. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sarah Ongiri said...

just when I thought I tried it all....thanks lady for some crazy yummy sounding ideas and a reminder to some all favorites! trying to figure out how to save this list so I can reference it anytime I'm bore with food choices!

Karyn said...

I am cooking for a conferenc this summer with a few vegans and a lot of vegetarians. Are you all concerned at all about using soy products? Over 80% of the crop is GMO. The excess of soy in some diets has caused hormonal imbalances...what are your experiences? I tend to eat as little as possible with soy in it, so need some guidance from some vegans. Thanks. Karyn

Anonymous said...

Karyn - I limit soy products for myself and my children. We use organic rice milk instead of soy milk, eat a dish with tofu (never GMO soy tofu) in it maybe once a week, and aside from that I use soy sauce occasionally in recipes. I don't purchase processed vegan products made from soy. Soy isn't the only substitute for meat. I avoid over-consuming soy products simply because I don't *know* for certain whether they're healthy or unhealthy.

Didi said...

Hi there,

I love the 50 variations and actually have adapted a recipe for 50 kinds of muffins to a vegan version.

Vegan muffin mix with 50 awesome varieties

Makes enough mix for 9 batches of 12 muffins.

To make muffin mix
18 cups flour
5 cups sugar
2 ¼ cups soy milk powder
6 tablespoons baking powder
2 tablespoons baking soda
2 tablespoons salt
2 to 3 tablespoons ground cinnamon
2 to 3 teaspoons ground nutmeg.

1. Combine ingredients and break up any lumps. Carefully measure 2 ¾ cups. 
2. Put in zip lock plastic bag, and repeat until all mix is separated into bags. 
3. Store bags in bin at bottom of fridge.

To make muffins
Preparation: 10 minutes.
Take a bag of muffin mix. Choose which additional ingredients you want to add, and check, before doing next seven steps, if need to omit any ingredients.
1. Preheat oven to 400° F.
2. In a large bowl, put 2 Tbsp ground flax and 4 Tbsp water; let sit for 5 minutes, while preparing muffin tin.
3. Use paper cups to line tin, if you like; coat tin with or without cups with cooking spray.
4. Add to flax/water mix: 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla, 1 cup water, and up to ½ cup canola oil (the more oil, the more moist—and fattening—it will be, but you can always replace the oil with applesauce for moisture without the fat).
5. Stir in 2 ¾ cups muffin mix and any additional ingredients (listed below) just until moistened. The batter should be lumpy.
6. Fill muffin tins.
7. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes, or until muffins are golden brown.

Didi said...

Additional ingredients and variations
1. Applesauce: ½ cup applesauce; omit oil.
2. Apple: 1 ½ cups raw grated apples, ½ teaspoon grated cloves, ½ cup nuts or raisins; sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar mixture before baking.
3. Banana: 1 mashed banana, ½ cup walnuts (optional).
4. Blueberry, peach, pear, plum raspberry, strawberry: 1 cup fresh or frozen fruit or ½ can large can (drained) chopped peaches or pears.
5. Bran–molasses: Use only 1 ½ cups of muffin mix. Stir in: 2 cups bran cereal, ¼ cup molasses, ½ cup raisins.
6. Butterscotch: 1 (12 oz.) bag vegan butterscotch chips, ½ cup chopped nuts.
7. Carrot: 1 cup grated carrots, ½ cup raisins, 3/4 tsp allspice.
8. Cappucino: 1 Tbsp finely ground coffee, ½ cup cocoa in mix; after putting into muffin cups, press a square of vegan chocolate under the surface.
9. Cashew: 1 cup unsalted coarsely chopped cashews.
10. Cherry: 1 cup fresh, dried pitted or candied cherries.
11. Chocolate chip–fudge: 1 ½ cups cocoa, ¼ cup sugar, 1 ½ cups semi-sweet chocolate chips. Ice with chocolate icing and put a maraschino cherry on top for a special treat.
12. Chocolate raspberry: 1 ½ cups cocoa, 1 cup raspberries.
13. Coconut: 1 ½ cups toasted flaked coconut (reserve some to sprinkle on the top).
14. Cranberry–orange: 1 cup chopped fresh or frozen cranberries, ½ cup nuts, ¼ cup frozen orange juice, 1 Tbsp orange peel.
15. Currant: ¾ cup currants, ½ cup chopped nuts.
16. Date–nut: ½ cup chopped dates, ½ cup chopped nuts.
17. Dried fruit: 1 cup dried diced fruit (apricots, raisins, figs, etc.) and ½ cup chopped walnuts (optional).
18. Eggnog: 2 teaspoons rum extract, 1 cup vegan eggnog (omit water from recipe) before baking, top with mixture of: 1 Tbsp sugar, ½ teaspoon nutmeg, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon.
19. Garden fresh: ½ cup grated carrots, ½ cup grated zucchini, ¼ teaspoon ground cloves.
20. Gingerbread: 1 Tbsp ground ginger, ¼ cup molasses, 1 cup raisins.
21. Granola: reduce muffin mix to 2 cups and add 1 ¼ cups granola. Top with additional granola before baking.
22. Grape nuts: reduce muffin mix to 2 cups and add: 1 ¼ cups grape nuts and ½ teaspoon allspice.
23. Hazelnut: 1 teaspoon ground cardamom, 1 cup chopped hazelnuts.
24. Incredible cream cheese: use 1 Tbsp ground flax seed and 2 Tbsp water (let sit 5 minutes). Combine 1 (8 oz.) packages vegan cream cheese, ½ cup sugar and flax seed mix. Drop this mix by Tbsp onto top of muffins before baking.
25. Jam: ¾ cup jam or preserves (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry), ½ cup chopped nuts (optional).

Didi said...

26. Kisses and hugs: ¾ cup cocoa, ¼ cup sugar after filling muffin tins ¾ full, drop a chunk of chocolate about 1 cm3 into the center of each muffin, pushing down slightly until chocolate is covered. Ice cooled muffins with confectioners sugar and water glaze.
27. Lemon–poppyseed: omit ½ cup water and replace with ½ cup lemon juice, use 2 Tbsp ground flax seed and 4 Tbsp water (let sit 5 minutes), 1 Tsp lemon rind (use an organic lemon, if possible, as pesticides accumulate in peel) and 3 Tbsp poppy seeds.
28. Mandarin: 1 (8-1.4 oz) cans crushed pineapple (undrained), reduce water to ½ cup, ¾ cup shredded carrots.
29. Marzipan: ½ teaspoon of almond extract. Fill muffins halfway, add a ¾’’ ball of marzipan and fill to top.
30. Maple: 3 Tbsp maple syrup, reduce water to ¾ cup; ½ cup toasted pecans (optional).
31. Marmalade: ¾ cup orange marmalade, ¼ cup chopped nuts (opt), ½ cup orange juice (omit 1/2 cup of the water).
32. Nutty: 1 ½ cup vegan peanut butter chips, ¼ cup chopped peanuts.
33. Oatmeal: reduce muffin mix to 2 cups and add ½ cup oats, use 2 Tbsp ground flax seed and 4 Tbsp water (let sit 5 minutes) and up to 1 cup raisins or grated apples.
34. Orange: 1 cup vegan sour cream, ½ cup nuts or coconut (optional), 1 cans (11 oz. each) mandarin oranges, drain; use 2 Tbsp ground flax seed and 4 Tbsp water (let sit 5 minutes).
35. Peanut butter banana: ½ cup peanut butter, ¼ cup chopped peanuts, 1 ½ mashed bananas.
36. Peanut butter and jelly: ½ cup peanut butter, ¼ cup chopped peanuts; drop ½ Tb. jam into each muffin before baking.
37. Pineapple: ½ teaspoon ground cloves, ½ large can crushed pineapple, drained ½ jar (7 oz. or about ½ cup) macadamia nuts, chopped.
38. Pineapple–carrot–raisin: ½ cup each: grated carrots, crushed pineapple, drained and raisins, ½ cup walnuts, chopped (optional).
39. Prune: ½ to 1 cup chopped prunes, 1/6 cup poppy seeds.
40. Pumpkin: 1 cup or ½ can solid pack pumpkin, ½ Tbsp pumpkin pie spice, ¼ cup each chopped pumpkin seeds and raisins; sprinkle tops with ¼ cup pumpkin seeds and a shot of cooking spray.
41. Rum–raisin: 1 ½ tsp rum extract or 1 ½ Tbsp rum before baking, top with mix of: 1 teaspoon sugar, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, and ¼ teaspoon nutmeg.
42. Sesame seed: ½ cup toasted sesame seeds before baking, top with mix of: ¼ cup nuts, 2 Tb. brown sugar, 2 Tb. sesame seeds, 1 Tbsp flour, ¼ teaspoon each cinnamon/nutmeg.
43. Sour cream: omit one cup of the water and add: ½ cup vegan sour cream, 1 cup nuts, 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel (opt.).
44. Sweet potato: ½ Tbsp allspice, 2 Tbsp dry orange peel, 1 cans (10 oz each) sweet potatoes, mashed, well drained (about 1 ¼ cups).
45. Tropical treat: ½ cup dried mango or papaya, chopped ½ cup chopped banana chips or 1 fresh mashed, ¼ cup macadamia nuts, chopped, ¼ cup coconut, ¼ cup vegan sour cream, 1 teaspoon lemon peel, grated.
46. Vanilla: 1 package vegan vanilla chips.
47. Walnut muffins: ¾ cup chopped walnuts.
48. Wheat germ muffins: 1 1/3 cup wheat germ, use 2 Tbsp ground flax seed and 4 Tbsp water (let sit 5 minutes), ¼ cup extra water before baking, top muffins with mix of: ¼ cup wheat germ, 1 Tbsp sugar.
49. Yogurt: reduce water to ¾ cup and add 1 carton (8 oz) soy yogurt, plain or flavoured.
50. Zucchini: 1 cup grated zucchini, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, ½ cup chopped nuts (optional).

HoleyJ said...

Grilled PB and dill pickle slices with a little earth balance on the outside to get that nice crisp, holy yum,

I'msosaved01 said...

Thank you! I get sooo frustrated most times I opt for the good ole cheese n bread. My stomache thanks you! Lol! Now all I have to do is stock up!

Jeremy said...

wonderful! i've written them all down and affixed them to the refrigerator.

Richellepxmg said...

just when I thought I tried it all....thanks lady for some crazy yummy sounding ideas and a reminder to some all favorites! trying to figure out how to save this list so I can reference it anytime I'm bore with food choices!

Linda Watson said...

So inspiring! Two new favs for me are Lentilicious Sunshine Spread and Hot-Collard Courage Sandwich with PB and homemade pickles.

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fritz said...

Any of the above recipes can be livened up by putting them in a sandwich maker (toaster). Thanks for all of the ideas!

Unknown said...

Hi...thanx for the ideas...I'll share this one...try thin sliced sweet potato (as for scalloped potatoes)cooked and chilled, layered with sliced roasted beats, and thin slices of apple topped with sprouts on organic sprouted bread spread with hummus on one side a vegan mayo on the other...simply awesome!!

PWilkins said...

Saved this list on my Ipad, great ideas here for car traveling in US. God knows, we would never find anything Vegan to eat on an interstate highway here!

Anni said...

And the muffin variations are wonderful too! Thanks!
Our family faves:
Vegemite and walnut with slices of apple ;
Peanut butter and sultanas with cucumber

Anonymous said...

I like avocado slices, alfalfa sprouts, & tomato slices on a hoagie roll with italian dressing :)

Helen Julia said...

Really well done, a great help to the growing number of vegans out there, come on vegan world :)

Anonymous said...

This thread inspired me to make:

Red pepper hummus mixed with poppy seeds and sesame seeds
Soft wholemeal roll

I ate so many of these (in combination with green lentil curry) that I accidentally went vegan for two days - although usually I'm an omnivore!

Unfortunately after that I had so much stomach trouble I ended up eating a tin of sardines out of the can. I don't even like sardines. Any tips on preventing stomach trouble when reducing my meat/dairy consumption would be very welcome!!

Cre8or said...

I became a vegetarian on my 50th birthday. That was a year and a half ago. Am slowly working toward vegan. My favorite new sandwich is garlic hummus with kalamata olives on a crusty roll. I could eat them every day! I absolutely love this list and may even find a few new favorites!

Cre8or said...

To Anonymous (June 24 comment): I had a few stomach issues when I first gave up meat. I ate huge amounts of beef prior to going veg. I still use a little dairy, but am working it out of my diet. Our systems get a little freaked out when we change how we eat. I suggest that you ease it out. Maybe eat a bit of fish (pescetarian diet) for a time until your body is used to all of the yummy awesomeness that a plant based diet offers. That is what I did. It took me a couple of months to adjust.

Anonymous said...

My husband has hemochromatosis, which aggravated his pancreas and he needs to go vegan to de-fat his organs. I was having a horrible time trying to figure out sandwiches for him since it is his lunch of choice! Thank you so much for this list, you're awesome!!

D. Jezik said...

Roasted 'turkey' cold cuts, veganaise, A LOT of romaine lettuce (like several giant leaves, folded to fit the bread), a dash of salt on choice of bread. I prefer white bread for this particular sandwich. Simple and delicious.

Mz Gee! said...

Awesome list!!!

Today's lunch: Slightly toasted organic sprouted raising bread, organic grilled tempeh, red onions, garlic stuffed olives, olive oil marinated artichoke hearts, organic herb blend salad and sprinkles of black pepper and cayenne. I also spread Organic raw coconut oil and drizzled the olive oil from the artichokes on the bread. I would put it in my vegan restaurant menu (Jolo's Kitchen, google us) but I'm not sure I would be able to keep all of the ingredients in stock all the time :-) this was prepared at home.


kkeim said...

My stand-by snack is always sliced avocado, sliced tomato, lettuce, thyme, with kraft creamy Italian, grey poupon on toasted whole wheat bread.

Unknown said...

I always seem to fall back on my tofu "egg" salad for sandwiches, which I LOVE but I need some variety!
I canNOT wait to work my way through this whole list!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Sara said...

We always look up for things like this with my boyfriends because we don't like to kill animals for eating and we've started a whatsapp group to share all this kind of thing so if you get a whats app download you can join us.

Deadsoul said...

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Unknown said...

Veginnaise and steamed asparagus or broccoli on multigrain bread

Chickpeas with minced parsley, minced red onion, and Paul Newmans Oil & Vinegar dressing wrapped in romaine leaves.

Unknown said...

What a load of hypercrites, arn't plants, vegetables, lettuces etc living things too, i dont think some animals would think twice about killing you's and eating you.

Othmar said...

The Babysitter: Cooked Soy hot dog, cut in 1/2 + Ketchup and Relish on ... hotdogmaker.blogspot.de

Unknown said...

You gives a water in my mouth.. specially a sausage burger yummy.. :)

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Unknown said...

Wow! I'm new to the plant-based diet, and I was wondering, "What kind of sandwiches am I gonna make now that I've lost my beloved grilled cheese?!" Not anymore! This is an AH-MAZING list that wasn't too heavy on the veggie sandwiches (I mean, I can only have the classic hummus, roasted red pepper, and cuke combo so many times) and gave me a recipe for every time of day/mood I'm in. Thank you!!

Jeffkevin walker said...

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Kath Urbahn said...

Nom, nom, nom, nom!!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful list - well done! Off to try a few for the sandwich platter I'm taking to a Xmas party at friend's house.

Talia Felix said...

Nice! The "Orange Monster" inspired me to make this recipe: http://i-eat-alone.blogspot.com/2016/02/vegetable-taco-or-wrap-one-serving.html

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