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Achtung Achtung! Here are most of the recipes from the last 3 years of this blog. I am by no means a professional chef, and my kitchen equipment has at time been, well, particular (like my little easy bake oven in Brussels.) While these recipes work for me, and many of them have been repeats in my own home, you should you use your own judgment about spices and heating because unlike a cookbook author with hundreds of testers, I am just a mere kitchen dweller with specific tastes and techniques. That being said, enjoy!

Oh, and PS: There are many more recipes on this blog, either in link form or excerpted from a cookbook or magazine. But those aren't really "mine" so I don't present them here. The links on the side of the homepage, organized by theme and ingredient, are useful for finding those recipes not linked to here.

[[[Breakfast and Baked Goods]]]

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Plum and Ginger Muffins

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Basic Pancakes and Variations

B's Magic Oat-Nut Pancakes

Breakfast Grain Bowl

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Not-Elvis Banana Bread

[[[Soups, Sides, Little Meals:]]]

Curried Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup

Cowboy Corn Cakes

Apple-Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

Stuffed Mushrooms

Potato Carrot Latkes

Brussels Sprouts Hash

Oven Roasted Plantains

50 Vegan Sandwiches

Tomato and Peach Panzanella (bread salad)

Vegan Hot Dog Topping Ideas

Spicy Asian Slaw

[[[Pasta, Pizza, Risotto]]]

Sweet Potato Gnocchi
Carrot Sweet Potato Latkes

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Roasted Garlic Pizza

Red Pepper Tapenade Pizza w/ Walnuts

Basic Risotto Recipe

Sweet Corn Risotto

Butternut Squash Risotto w/ Sage

Creamy Mushroom and Leek Risotto

Eggplant Parma-Sagna

[[[Vegetable Mains]]]

Chipotle Plantain Enchiladas

Dutch Hutspot

Hutspot Revisited

BBQ Tofu and Plantain Tacos w/ Avocado Creme

Minimalist Eggplant and Mushroom Tagine

B's Eggplant and Mushroom Tagine

Hungarian Lésco

Soo-Youn's Kimbab (Korean Hand Rolls)
Chipotle Plantain Enchiladas
Kabocha Squash, Eggplant, and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Beet, Mushroom, and Potato Casserole

Hungarian Mushroom Paprikás

Spicy Gingered Chickpeas

Two Bean Cinnamon Soul Power Chile

Spicy Peanut Stew

Roasted Root Vegetable Curry in a Snap

Quick Brazilian Feijoada  

Spicy Black beans with Plantains

[[[Sauces and Dressings]]]

Perfectly Decent BBQ Sauce

Easy Roasted Tomato Sauce

Chipotle Enchilada Sauce

Witch Sauce

BBQ Tofu w/ avocado lime creme
Creamy Lemon Sauce w/ Mushrooms and Corn

Avocado Lime Cream

Vegan Mole Power Sauce

Mango Avocado Salsa

Clementine Salad Dressing

Walnut Dressing (for roasted beet salad)

Simple Balsamic Dressing/ Marinade

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