Guest Post- The Coolest Place on Earth

 My dad is photojournalist who occasionally honors this blog with a guest post. Enjoy!

 The coolest place on the planet may well be Duba Island on the Okavango Delta in Botswana.
I went there recently to photograph a husband and wife film-making team and was just knocked out by the whole scene;  the remote beauty, the crazy weather, the friendly people and most of all, the proximity to some of the great beasts of Africa. And the food didn’t suck either.

 We travelled out every day in camera trucks loaded with natural snacks: dried fruit, salty nuts and cookies that helped us stay hydrated in the 100 degree heat. At my age I find I need some small amounts of carbs in my stomach to absorb the huge amounts of water one must drink.

For lunch, we would pull up under a “sausage tree’ and dined in style.

 The camp provided a very filling but light meal of local veggies, rice and  fish patties that was just right under the brutal sun.

 On the day I shot these photos we circled back to the tree later and discovered a pride of lions had been resting there the whole time on the backside of the tree, and weren’t bothered at all by us borrowing their space.


Goodbye to Berlin

After returning from Belgrade I had a short and sweet interlude in Berlin before heading to the US to get (omgomgomg) married. Among the exciting meals during my Berlin interlude was a rooftop brunch with chocolate chip pancakes and hashbrowns...

 A delicious mango-coconut curry with roasted vegetables from a new Thai/ Vietnamese restaurant that popped up in Kreutzberg...

... And the greatest- 1 euro vegan tacos at Santa Maria Mexican Diner on "taco Tuesday". (They also have 1 euro tequila shots and cheap beer.) This would be the time and place to meet a cute ex-pat hipster, and share some roasted eggplant tacos with tomatillo salsa.

Of course, I already have my cutie, although right now he is back in Berlin enjoying the agony and the ecstasy of the EuroCup while I'm in the US in psycho wedding planning mode. My Dad, who has been in many war zones, keeps using the term "mission creep" to describe the experience...

Well, as long as I get my vegan wedding cake and plenty of flowers I'll be happy! Wish me luck...

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