Chickpea Cutlets with Ginger Beer Carrots

Do you guys cook when you're busy? I don't. I tend to consume whatever is lying around in increasingly gross combinations until someone or something forces me to do otherwise. Since my husband is doing his fieldwork at the moment in Sweden, there is no one around to witness my descent into depravity (at least, cooking depravity.) Let's just say, there are a lot of nooch sandwiches being consumed. (Though strangely, I always have the money to purchase wine.)

This weekend, however, S. came home for a heartbreakingly brief visit and we had a small dinner party to celebrate with some of his friends. Eschewing my normal impulse to make cheap Megadarra, we actually spent a little cash and got some nice veg and chicken for the meat eaters, for the vegetarians we had an amazing throwback: V'Con's CHICKPEA CUTLETS!!! This is not the first time I've made them, but frying them in a cast iron skillet brings them to a whole new level of toothy, crunchy goodness. The other vegetarians, clearly expecting to just eat sides as usual, were terribly impressed. I myself had forgotten how good they are, and they are also excellent broke food as they consist of pretty basic pantry staples (at least, by vegan standards- not sure everyone considers wheat gluten flour to be a pantry staple but I always have some on hand.)

The other exciting side, other than solid wingman mashed potatoes, was a new carrot trick I picked up from watching reruns of Good Eats (don't ask me how I access Food Network reruns from Europe, I don't want to get arrested.) I love carrots with ginger and garlic, but this recipe is quick and easy and an excellent use for the leftover can of ginger beer from your Dark & Stormy party. Hell, next time I might throw some rum into the mix too, just to see what happens.

Ginger Beer Carrots, a la Good Eats

-1 bag (~2 lb.) carrots, peeled and cut on the bias into 1/2'' rounds
-1 bottle high quality ginger beer (not ginger ale)
-2 Tbsp. non-dairy margarine
-pinches each of salt, pepper, cumin
-parsley (optional)

1. Place carrots in large pan with ginger beer, cumin and margarine over medium heat. Simmer 5-8 minutes, or until liquid is mostly cooked off.
2. Turn heat all the way up to high, salt and pepper liberally, and cook while stirring until carrots are getting browned and pierce easily (with some resistance). Serve sprinkled with parsley.


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Leanimal said...

The food looks delicious, I can't wait to try it!

I remember watching Good Eats, that was a cool show. I know what you mean about those "increasingly gross combinations." When I'm busy, I have to make a huge batch of something to keep eating as leftovers, otherwise I eat whatever I can scavenge, lol ;)

Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a happy New Year :-)

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3. Albert Mills (1907)
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From Plants launched Feb. 5th 2021 from our founder, Hosam Soliman, who turned vegan in 2018. After starting Scupe Commerce, a webstore development company for KeHE Distributors, we began building over 50+ Webstores that quickly became flooded with vegan and plant-based products the public loved. These products, in retail, are fragmented and hard to come by together in one store. He knew there had to be a solution. From Plants was always an idea for years, until one day, we put aside every other project we had in development to create a marketplace that combines all of the plant-based foods you know and love, into one box.

Shipping a plant-based granola bar, or ambient, shelf-stable product is easy. Simply put a product in a cardboard box and you're done. We want to service refrigerated and frozen brands that typically cost over $40+ to ship on their own, together with brands that can be used to compliment recipes without leaving your home. From Plants uses curbside recyclable packaging and a corn-based, Climacell liner that keeps items cold all throughout transit. This allowed us to combine plant-based meats, cheeses, chocolate and more into one order. We also made sure to not place any order minimums for folks who would like to try a certain product they've heard that's not locally available to them.

Our overall mission is to make plant-based and vegan products widely available to those who would like to make the transition to a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle. We're currently adding new products each week to become the biggest plant-based marketplace the world has ever seen. Unlike our competitors, we will never have membership fees. We also offer free shipping over $59.99 anywhere in the United States.

Please let us know if you'd like to know more about our revolution!

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