Ah! Ich habe deinem mund gekusst....

I know I shouldn't be fixating on fin de siecle romantic Operas. I should be focusing on fin de semester papers and exams. But the lovely/ creepy refrain from the final number of Strauss' "Salome" simply will not leave my head! In it, the precocious teenage dancer-of-seven-veils kisses the severed head of John the Baptist, and finding it bitter with the taste of blood realizes (so I think) that one-sided, unrequited love can be a tragic (and morbid) waste of time. "SO whats the point? Whats the point?!!"

Well, I don't really have an answer... but I would say that dear Salome would probably have been a lot more satisfied in the end if she had sated her creepy blood-lust with a nice bowl of Jennifer's potato-leek soup instead. (Yeah, I know, BIG jump.) Creamy, warm and filling, and no one had to be beheaded. So there.

And if she still felt a little violent she might enjoy breaking out the immersion blender. :)

Here's the recipe!


jessy said...

ooooo! that is a super creepy refrain! i need to listen to more Opera! who knew it was so intense!

hooray for Jennifer's soup! i printed off the recipe last week, and after seeing the bowl of deliciousness you made i've gotta make this as soon as i can! yay!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

I must say, that was a bit of a jump. :-) I have to be honest, I've never even see an opera!

I'm glad you liked the soup, and your picture is beautiful. It makes the soup look far better than it did in my picture. :-)

Liz² said...

awesome post!!! anything with beheadings, aubrey AND yummy soup is pretty much the best thing ever. :D