A decent break

I think its difficult to really realize how mentally exhausted you are sometimes after doing a lot of work. For me, I always want to immediately get back to work after finals - complete all the tasks I've been putting off, cook all the recipes I've been meaning to try, do the three weeks of laundry in my closet...ugh! Therefore, its doubly frustrating when you find yourself unable to get out of bed or stop watching episodes of Jake and Amir. It feels like not only are you not getting anything done, but that you're still caught up in finals, which is not a good place to be.

However, after being a little misanthropic and lazy for a few days, I realized that the come-down period was only necessary to get back the emotions and brainpower I had expended over the last few weeks- if I had attempted to try anything new I probably would have completely freaked out! I guess what I'm saying is: if you've been working really hard, don't feel guilty for hibernating a litte! It makes such a difference in your mood and energy!

But anyways, its over, and the world is new! I put on some loud music, cleaned and scrubbed my apartment, paid some parking tickets, and bought some christmas/ Chanukah gifts. And of course, I made some uncomplicated but nourishing food to ease my way back in to living on more than coffee and hummus. Behold, my favorite new sandwhich: roasted beets, avacado, and onions. YUM! And yes, I know I'm overly obsessed with beets. But they're good for you, so fuck it.

As for presents, I tried to go green this year. I rode my bike down to U street, determined to fit everything in my saddlebag. I bought vintage jewelry for for my Mom and Grandma at Legendary Beast, a really amazing jewelry store on U street that has a ton of cool (and weird!) old jewelry, especially egyptian themed stuff. For the rest, I got some gorgeous digital photography prints from Dekka, an artists community store, that also carries clothing and jewelry. To top things off, I wrapped everything in leopard print tissue paper that I've been saving for like, 2 years! I knew being a packrat would come in handy sometime. Everybody seemed to like everything, so I'm happy.

And I didn't make out too badly either, recieving some very lervely books and cookbooks. I got the Jewish Vegetarian Year Cookbook (I'm overly stoked about the Eggless challah!) the Papa Tofu cookbook that I've been drooling over for-like-ever, Making Stuff and Doing Things, a collection of DIY guides, and a book on Spinoza by Deleuze. I think I've got more than enough to keep me busy for a while and drive the horrors of finals far from my mind.

Hope everybody's holidays were just as lovely!

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jessy said...

nice job on keeping it green! we reuse tissue paper all the time, too! yay! it's kinda funny because this year dan & i collected all the tissue paper from other people's gifts as well! aahahaha! now we've got TONS of it! wish i had some leopard print tissue paper though. sadface.

sounds like you scored some rock'n gifts! papa tofu = my fav! kittee's recipes rock so hard! (try her pretzel recipe and the ethiopian ones! omfg, so GOOD!)

beets = the shiznit! totally trying your sammie out this weekend. i can't WAIT! and nice job on mellowing out for a bit after all the craziness. that's awesome! sometimes it's hard to relax, but it's soooo worth it when you do! yay!