Final Finals!

Its my last final exam period of law school, and I'm determined to make it more successful than the five that came before. This time, I will NOT chug diet coke, wine, and coffee simultaneously. I will NOT wait until 6 hours before the exam to start studying. I will NOT get caught up in the Hills, or the Real Housewives of Hades, or whatever else is on my parents bountiful cable channels.

Instead I'm going to continue working out, eating healthy, and getting an adequate amount of sleep. Because thats the way to get good grades, right? Well, actually, I have an ulterior motive: I'm going to Berlin and Brussels right after finals and I want to look hot for all the fancy europeans, and one in particular. Eating jellybeans, doritos, and coffee for two weeks isn't the way to look your best. So instead I'm all over a bunch of very boring healthy food, like hummus and carrots, spinach salads, bananas. So no very interesting food things at the moment. Instead, here are my top 5 favorite finals distractions. Enjoy!

1. Autotune the News

This is self-explanatorily awesome.

2. International street style websites.
The only thing better than American hipsters: international hipsters!
But really, I like to think I could get good fashion ideas from these cool sites, if I ever get out of self-imposed study quarantine.
Still in Berlin
Mess this Dress (Mexico)
Easy Fashion (Paris)
Modaturkiye (Istanbul)

3. Looking up conspiracy theories on wikipedia.
Dude, its amazing what you can learn about a historical event based on the conspiracy theories that branched out of it. Try JFK, Jonestown, or the Vatican for starters... and be prepared to be creeped out, in an educational kind of way.

4. Pancake Mountain
I love watching clips of Pancake Mountain. This public access kids show, which has featured The Evens, M.I.A., and the Go! Team in the past, is what DC kids would watch if DC was actually cool.

5. Hark! A Vagrant

And finally, Kate Beaton's online historical comic, Hark, a Vagrant! is so weird and funny and I lerv it. Example: Marie and Pierre Curie

So there you go, T's guide to calorie-free procrastinating bliss. Now, back to work.


Katy said...

Ha ha, I should be studying for my employment law final right now, but instead I'm reading blogs.
Good luck on your finals!

jessy said...

good luck with all your finals, T! i will totally check out everything on your list 'o distractions! hooooray for sticking to those healthy eats - even if ya have an ulterior motive! ahahhahahaha! you're the best! i've been work'n out hard 'n trying to eat better too 'cause i'm visiting my bro in NYC in a month and i want to be look'n my best! it's just so hard for me to resist cookies and this damn jar of peanut butter that i cannot seem to hide from myself! aahahahaa! ;)

now i really want a diet coke! totally gonna make it happen!

hang in there, T!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Good luck on your finals T! I bet you are nervous and excited all at the same time.

Haha about looking hot for the Europeans, who can resist an American vegan lawyer? I think you will have a good trip!

I love all your methods of procrastination. I am pretty good at that myself, we should compare notes sometime about how not to get stuff done.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I especially loved the Pierre & Marie comic. Good luck with your finals...I'm so good at not doing what I should be - if you need more "avoidance" ideas let me know!

Mihl said...

Good luck with your finals! When exactly are you going to Berlin? Maybe we could have a meetup if you want.