Pasta with Creamy Lemon sauce, mushrooms and corn

Its no secret that I'm hugely obsessed with Russian history at the moment. So I was stoked to find a huge tome about the Russian Revolution at a used bookstore, and it has been my constant companion in the morning along with a cup of coffee while I pretend to ignore the thousands of things I have to do before I leave. At any rate, I read this paragraph this morning, about a moment on the historic 25th February, 1917, and I had to share it:

"A young girl appeared from the ranks of the demonstrators and walked slowly toward the Cossacks. Everyone watched her in nervous silence: surely the Cossacks would not fire at her? From under her cloak the girl brought out a bouquet of red roses and held it out towards the officer. There was a pause. The bouquet was a symbol of both peace and revolution. And then, leaning down from his horse, the officer smiled and took the flowers.With as much relief as jubilation, the crowd burst into a thunderous 'Oorah!'" (Figes, A People's Tragedy, 310)

Can you believe that really happened!? Just a reminder that truth is wilder than fiction in this crazy world...

Anyways! Despite the hustle and bustle of my last week in town, and my conflicting desire to lie around and read all day, I managed to make something really scrumptious for dinner, so good in fact, that I made it twice. Its a pasta sauce with lemon, white wine, cream, mushrooms and corn... its too delicious for words. Actually, I think it might be suited well to something other than pasta, but I can't think of what yet. So let me just share the recipe, and hopefully you can think of something better to do with this delicious sauce.

Creamy Lemon Sauce with Mushrooms and Corn

-2 small or one big shallot, diced
-Zest and juice of one large lemon
-3/4 C. baby bella or any other type mushroom, sliced
-1/2 C. dry white wine
-Corn from 1-2 sweet corn husks
-3 T. soy creamer
-3 T. Earth Balance

1. In a large pan over medium heat, add shallots, zest, mushrooms, white wine, and lemon juice. Simmer for 10 minutes or so, until liquid has reduced by 3/4.
2. Add in corn and stir, cooking for another minute or so.
3. Add in cream and reduce heat to low. Continuously stirring, add in EB by the tablespoon, waiting for one to melt before adding the next.

Serve immediately over whole wheat pasta or...?

And thanks to everybody for the tips on what to bring abroad. You guys are brilliant. I think I have narrowed the list to the following:
-Nooch and Arrowroot powder (would that I could bring EB)
-wooden spoon, measuring spoons and cups (yeah, f*ck the metric system!)
-my immersion blender (I just cannot resist.)

Also (because I haven't jumped around enough in this post), I would like to direct you all to go read this awesome post by The Discerning Brute about masculinity and consumption of meat. Its so enraging that people think strength or vitality is conveyed by eating a diet of rotting flesh, and yet this stereotype persists, trapping both women and men in its nonsense. Thank goodness young people have such an array of awesome male and female role models to choose from showing that considering your ethics when you eat is subversive and powerful!

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allularpunk said...

ohhhh! that looks so yummy. i imagine it being super tasty on top of roasted potatoes, for some reason. yurm. also, since i've been m.i.a. from the blogworld, i love your new layout, congrats on the bar(!), and good luck on your huge move! i can't imagine moving out of the country. moving two blocks was insane enough.

Bianca said...

Ooh, I love lemony everything....and those fat whole wheat noodles look awesome. I need to find some of those.

Good choice on the things to take with ya. I didn't even think about nooch, but you can't be without that. That would be simply awful!

The Voracious Vegan said...

I understand your fascination with the Russian Revolution, I visited Russia when I was a child and the interest has been with me ever since. To celebrate the spirit of May Day this year I made a Russian feast of borscht and pirogies, you can check it out here:


I looove the look of your pasta, I can see myself making that for dinner very soon.

Thanks to the link on meat consumption/masculinity, can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous said...

That was a great paragraph! Thanks for sharing.
I think bringing measuring cups is a good idea to bring. I've translated most recipes as I go, but some I just always use cups. I can easily find arrowroot & nooch in France, but it might be hard in Bruxelles - not sure. I just bought Anna Kérenin, so I'm in a very Russian vibe myself.

jessy said...

you know it's damn awesome if you've already made it twice! yay! dan & i will fo 'sho be making your pasta with creamy lemon sauce - mushrooms & corn sound like a tasty combination, too! hellz yeah, T!

truth is wilder than fiction - indeed! i don't know much about russian history, but now i want to read up on it - it sounds like something i need to do...

Bliss Doubt said...

I've been reading your blogspot ever since the stuffed mushrooms (tried them, great!). The more I read, the more I love this blog.