Soy una perdedor

I've never considered myself an especially unlucky person, but there is one area of my life in which I consistently demonstrate terrible juju: losing valuables. I've lost a passport, 3 ipods, my birth certificate, class rings, cameras and countless headphones and pieces of jewelry. And this week I lost MY WALLET. In a FOREIGN COUNTRY. It was probably stolen, but I don't think that ruins the unbroken chain of bad luck that follows me around when I need to not misplace something. This is especially bad because it had a lot of the identity papers I need to prove myself to the endless stream of beaurocrats making me jump through hoops. So, needless to say, I was not pleased.

However, I'm starting to wonder if God has chosen me to lose everything for a reason. Maybe a certain amount of items have to be lost everyday on earth, and God figures I'm kind of used to it and can handle it without freaking out. Or maybe I do it to myself to add drama and excitement to otherwise perfectly wonderful weeks... and what's more exciting then being money and i.d.-less in a foreign country? On this occasion though, luck was on my side (kind of) because I had just done the grocery shopping for the week, so at least I was covered as far as food. (And don't tell anyone, but they aren't especially harsh about making people buy bus tickets here.) So I actually had a marvelous dinner, seitan steak with red-wine mushroom sauce, fingerling potatoes and sugar snap peas.

My parents often wonder how I get over these terrible losses so quickly... and while, yes, I'm frustrated at the weeks of paperwork ahead, I figure: 1) these things have to happen to somebody, 2) I could be prone to a much worse habit, say, breaking bones or drug addiction, and 3) if I spent more than 5 minutes mourning my lost possessions, I wouldn't have time for anything else.

Song of the Day: Whiskeytown- Mirror, Mirror


The Voracious Vegan said...

Sorry about losing your wallet! I can't believe your losing streak of valuable things! But you definitely have a good attitude about it. And I can see why, if I could eat a dinner like that I think I'd be a pretty happy person too! Looks delicious!

Bianca said...

Aw, at least you have a sense of humor about it. When things like that happen to me, I just freak the hell out ... which certainly doesn't help. What better way to cope with such stress than a delicious seitan steak meal?

Good luck with getting everything back together!

Debra said...

I am sorry for your losses but great attitude!
the meal looks great!
Debra @ Vegan Family Style

Anonymous said...

3 ipods! How terrible! I have almost lost my passport so many times.

Your food looks super!

Amey said...

wow... 3 ipods! that's crazy. sorry to hear about your wallet... I'm very impressed with your zen like attitude. Good work!


pixiepine said...

Agreeing with everyone...your great attitude will get you through anything! Although maybe you will get some easy breaks to make up for all the losses!

jessy said...

i love your outlook on everything, T! i'm sorry your wallet is gone, but you're right - not worth freaking out about - i mean, what good is that gonna do, ya know? your dinner looks scrumptious - and the fingerling potatoes = the cutest! huzzah for already having your grocery shopping done for a bit, and good stuff on the bus tickets, too. ;)