just pictures...

Still not home for the holidays, still no camera, but here are some old, (but new to you!) pictures from the old days while I ponder my holiday menu and dream up ways of acquiring a new camera (or fixing my old one...)


jessy said...

my goodness, T - you take the most beautiful pictures! i love the bathtub photo so much! enjoy making up your holiday menu & enjoy the time with your family, too. hugs & happyfaces!

Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

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Amey said...

wow! cool pics. I love the bathtub picture... it's totally enchanting. very nice!

I'd love to send you one of my vegan cookbooklettes! Just send me your mailing address & I"ll pop it in the mail asap. my email address is ameyfm at yahoo dot com
:) Amey