Is it really so strange?

So wouldn't you know that just when I get this awesome trio of faux-micro lenses for my camera AND cook up Viva Vegan's feijoada twice in one week, I realize I left my damn camera charger in the USA. And I know that you vegan blog folks are just like frat boys (in one respect): "Pics or it didn't happen."

So I will have to take a little break until my camera charger comes back, but in the meantime please entertain yourself with some tidbits from around the internets:

*First off: dude, Terry Hope Romero has just posted on her blog that she is starting on a new vegan World Foods cookbook. If that wasn't exciting enough, she and Isa are apparently completing their trilogy of dessert cookbooks with one on...wait for it.... PIE. Dude. Best trilogy since Lord of the Rings. I am so freaking stoked.

*Mark Bittman generally has great shit on his Times column, The Minimalist, and this last week he put up a little how-to on making pancakes from a variety of cooked grains and spices. The recipe has an egg, but as you all know by now, you can also up the baking powder slightly to alter these recipes to vegan perfection. (Cardamom scented oatmeal pancakes with apricots, yum!)

*My boyfriend and I are planning to quit smoking officially on Valentines day this year and are spending the next month amping up on inspiration and ideas on how to do so effectively. This article, describing how even one cigarette can instantly damage your DNA, is just the kind of knowledge I need.

*I really love Design Sponge in general, as it is the only real heir to the dead mag Domino, but I especially adore their before and after category, where they turn fugly furniture and rooms into specimens of beauty. Maybe you have a dresser or broom closet that can benefit from a creative makeover?

*And finally, the Post Punk Kitchen is having a little cookbook challenge in the next 12 weeks. You probably have most of these cookbooks, and if not the internet has a surprising number of recipes from all of them, why not play along?

See you when the mail comes...


Vampire said...

YAY PETA! <3 Love those people

HayMarket8 said...

Haha! That is classic! :)

tahinitoo said...

The feijoada from Viva Vegan is delicious isn't it?! I want to make it every day. Have you tried any of the empanada recipes yet? They are on my list.

Hope you are back in pic-snappin' action soon :)

foodfeud said...

just like frat boys (in one respect): "Pics or it didn't happen."
Haha! I love it. We definitely love our photos.
And Terry's World cookbook sounds amazing. She's amazing and so is food.

Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler said...

OMG PIE!!! Yes!

lazysmurf said...

I have to make that feijoada for the viva vegan week! It sounds so good!

Carissa said...

Awesome sign! I love your blog! Check mine out when you can! I am following you now:)

shellyfish said...

I'm so sorry about your charger - you need someone to send it to you! You can totally quit the cigs. I was such a heavy smoker (2pks/day) for so many years, but quit. Monsieur F. who has no will power at all also quit last June after a few false starts. Yes you can!