Mid-Day Dinners

Na? Wie gehts, leute?

I know I've been bitching a lot about my work situation on this blog lately, and although I'm still not totally thrilled about it, its really not as bad as I make it out to be. In fact, there are even some plus sides (aside from the tiny trickle of income I derive only to immediately throw onto the eternal tire fire of my law school debt).

One benefit is that I get to meet interesting people. Last week, at my cleaning lady job, a random, surly teenage girl showed up and started half-heartedly mopping. I couldn't get a straight answer out of her as to why she was usurping my cherished position, but I later found out that she was sent there as punishment! Apparently, she committed some "light fraud" and had the following options in court: spend a month in jail, pay 2,500 euros, or, go work in a kindergarden as a putzfrau for one month.

(Ahem. So this is the German government literally saying that my work is equivalent to a month in PRISON. That is harsh. I'm thinking of telling my boss that the gov obviously thinks my work is worth 2,500 euros so maybe I should get a little raise... like 5 times my current salary.)

Anyways, after I figured out what she was doing we became fast friends based on her love of making fun of my German, and my love is making fun of her for dressing up like a fashion model to come take out trashbags full of diapers. And we both enjoy cooing at the tiny babies and watching them stumble around and do ridiculous things. All in all, the little criminal's presence has enhanced my mornings greatly.

The other nice thing about my schedule is that since I work during dinner hours, I have a huge lunch feast every day with S, often with him cooking while I lounge around and complain about having to go to my other job. Its kind of nice to eat a big meal when its light out! Last week we had the fabulous pineapple cashew quinoa stir fry from V-Con (pictured above). I know I've made it a hundred times, but it really is such a perfect meal! Sweet, spicy, hearty and full of fresh mint, ginger, and basil. It tastes like really healthy take-out from your favorite pan-Asian restaurant.

A second meal was this simple combo: roasted pumpkin rubbed with roasted sesame oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds, rice, and wirsing (a type of green cabage) with a little ketjap manis sauce. Perfect mid-day dinner, and a good way to use up the perpetual head of cabbage always hanging out in our fridge.

Yes, things could definitely be worse.

song of the day: Fettes Brot- Yein


Bianca said...

Sorry you don't like your job, but it least it affords you the excuse to eat dinner for lunch!! :-)

Mihl said...

Gut geht's, danke! Is wirsing savoy cabbage in English? I like that kind of cabbage but can never get myself to buy an entire head.
You are listening to Fettes Brot? That's so awesome!

Megan said...

Mihl; yep, Wirsing is Savoy cabbage. I loooove it; it's so pretty! But you're right, one head is an awful lot.

This looks yummy. I wish I could be bothered cooking something right now, but I had my German exam today, so damned if I'm moving from my bed unless I have to... haha.

Und Leben lauft ganz gut bei mir, wie immer! Ich freue mich darauf, dass dein Job noch ein bisschen interessanter geworden ist. ;)

Kris said...

Mmmm, that all looks delicious. I'm drooling over the cashew stirfry... mu husband would never go for the pineapple, sadly.

Sorry that work sucks, but like you said, there are always upsides!

jessy said...

that is too funny on her being sent to do your job as punishment, T. but i'm glad you two are having fun and you DO need a raise, my friend! a big mid-day meal sounds awesome! when i was in yogaville back in january they eat a decent sized bfast, a biiiiig lunch, and a small dinner - i quite liked that and i think i might have to give it a whirl. plus, having something big 'n awesome when it's still light outside makes me most happyfaced. we always have a head o' cabbage in our fridge, and oooooh, the pineapple cashew quinoa stir fry - i haven't made in forever and now i MUST! so yum!

Amanda said...

both of those dishes are beautiful. i must try the pumpkin seeds in sesame oil! i can't believe they're giving criminals a better deal than you. that's pretty crazy! i'm rooting for your raise!

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Both plates look terrific.

Anonymous said...

es ghets mir gut!
Sorry have not spoken german in 10 years.
It is not the most glamourous job but you are better than me T ..I will tell ya that I have a new found respect for ya.
This dish looks interesting sans the pineapple would sub that with squash or something..you know I have many books but not this one..hang in there T.