Hey babe, its the 4th of July

It's my second July 4th away from the United States. Say what you want about patriotism and flag-waving, but the 4th is a holiday I can get into. Being from DC, we truly have the greatest fireworks in the whole country (and its the greatest country in the world, so should we say, the greatest fireworks in the WORLD? kidding, kidding). Not only that, but Independence day where I'm from means beer, hot dogs, and tons of cakes with strawberries and blueberries arranged in a flag. No gift giving, no costumes, just drinking, grilling, and watching fireworks. Does it get any better?

This year, I managed to find some soy hot dogs at my local bio shop, steamed sweet corn, and a huge, massive apple pie (with an all-margarine crust, for the first time ever!) that got gobbled up before I could snatch a photo. No fireworks, and the beer was most certainly not American swill, but it came pretty damn close to my July 4ths of yore. Until I'm rich enough to fly back to the US for my favorite holidays, this is a decent replica.

Song of the Day: Kid Cudi ft. MGMT -Pursuit of Happiness


Sara said...

What a delightful looking corn! Glad you got to do it up U.S.A.-style, chica.

Bianca said...

Oh yum. I'm not patriotic, but I love a good, grilled meal. I could get patriotic for that meal. :-)

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wow......looks very delicious, but i cant cook this snacks, what a pity! i cant wait to try it

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

That plate looks delicious!!