Bagel Mania and Haiti

For the last two weeks I have been doing only two things: writing papers, and making bagels. (Well, 3 things if you count eating the bagels.) I've basically been chilling in Berlin with S. and hyperventilating over my various topics in between massive bagel orgies. (I also developed a cool way to stack bagels for brunch, as illustrated.) I used the recipe from Vegan Brunch which I thoughtfully received over the holidays. Man that cookbook is awesome.

So basically we've been making both sesame seed and *trying* to make blueberry bagels, with varying degrees of success. Apparently the trick is to fold the blueberries in when frozen, quickly before rolling out the dough and boiling. However, I think the real trick might just be using dried blueberries... well, I'll give that a shot next time.

Anyways, I know bagels seem like a bit of a chore to make from scratch, but I would encourage people to try them. Like tamales, once you get the hang of it, its simple. And best of all, the end product of your hard work is BAGELS! I.e., avacado's best friend! Coffee's soul-mate! And the best thing to bring to brunch, hands down.

At any rate, the bagel part of the week was exciting, but I was somewhat less thrilled to hear about Haiti. One of my paper topics had to do with Haiti's debt to France (a very terrible story, as a matter of fact), so I was already spending a lot of time focusing on Port Au Prince when I heard the news from Berlin. Naturally, the vegan community is usually one of the best responders to things like this (since people that care about animals usually care about people, too!) so I know many of you are probably donating and participating in vegan bake sales. (If not, head on over to the PPK blog for more info.) My Dad, as a journalist, is there right now. And while I'm worried about him, I also know that journalists do a service during times of disaster by drawing attention to the needs of the community in harm's way, so I'm also very proud! Here are a few pictures he sent...

Hope that all of you in the blogosphere are safe, and if you are take a moment to thank your lucky stars (and donate a few more dollars...)!


Mihl said...

Enjoy your time in Berlin! I love making bagels, but haven't tried Isa's version yet.

Michelle said...

Wow, I hope your Dad is okay. I would be super-proud of him too. How long will he be there for?

jessy said...

very cool on your dad being over in Haiti - you're so right that journalists really help to bring some much needed attention to situations that people might not have a full grasp on or even be aware of. i will keep him in my thoughts, T.

your bagels look most excellent! sorry the blueberry ones were kinda tricky - i'm thinking you're on to something in using dried blueberries next time. yum! while writing papers doesn't sound like much fun, bagel making & eating sure does! yay!

emma wallace said...

I love what you said about people who care about animals care about people too!

And now I'm craving avocado on bagels.

P.S. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

Nicole (anotheronebitesthecrust.wordpress.com) said...

Bagels! I have an excess of yeast and bagels are definitely on my radar now.

Ryan, VegVine.com said...

Hi - Rad vegan site! I'm planning to feature it on a VegVine.com browser bar for vegetarians. We are a group of vegan volunteers connecting people with veg resources like yours. Our goal is a world with greater compassion. It seems like we share that. If you can squeeze it into your schedule I'd love to chat. Ryan, president http://www.VegVine.com (Ryan@VegVine.com or 215-589-2437) VegVineRyan@Gmail.com