Christmas in the USA

The Russian Tea Room in NYC

Aaaaah, the holidays. Those precious occasions when you stare at departures screens for hours hoping your flight/ train/ camel isn't cancelled like all the rest, arrive home exhausted to see everyone you've ever known in a never-ending parade, and stuff yourself fuller and fuller of rich food. It's pretty exhausting, right?

However, also fun. I'm back in full-on USA mood, with all the attendant benefits of warm houses, a full pantry, and the Food Network. After a brief stop in New Jersey to see some relatives, my Mom and I headed up for a night in New York City; including a cocktail at my favorite over-priced NY institution, the Russian Tea Room (above.)

Back home for Christmas, we had a fabulous brunch with my Grandparents, with eggs benedict for the omnis and blueberry waffles, homefries, and veggie sausage for the vegetarians.

Needless to say, we were full until dinner. Actually beyond dinner! We had grand plans for a big feast with many components, but we basically down-scaled: tamales and a big salad. My Dad and I made and froze the tamales a week ago to avoid Christmas chaos, and the salad was an improvised delight.

Spinach with red bartlett pears, onions, pomegranate seeds and a dressing made from the following: 1 Clementine, 1 tsp. diced garlic, a splash of orange juice and couple tablespoons red wine vinegar, whirled in a food processor with enough olive oil to make it perfectly dressing-y.

The tamales were filled with a black bean and chipotle mixture and served with homemade tomatillo salsa, guac, roasted chipotle salsa, and soy sour cream.

Christmassy? I'm not sure. Delicious? Definitely. In fact, I had the same thing the next day. And now... back to my food coma. Hope everyone had and is having a great holiday, and that you were able to finish your dinner!


Vampire said...

Do they serve like, legit Russian food there? That'd be sweet! My mom refuses to make vegan Russian food =(

jessy said...

delicious indeed, T! rock on with the tamales - and i love that you and your dad thought ahead and made 'em and tucked them in the freezer until christmas dinner. i'd be full after a plate of rock'n waffles, veggie sausages, and hashbrowns as well - and the salad looks so colorful & delicious! yay! huzzah for a fantastical christmas home, my friend!

Bliss Doubt said...

Yummy Christmas! That salad you made looks like a blessing on the table. Here in San Antonio, tamales are traditional at holiday time too. To combine christmas and new year, there's one restaurant that makes them with black eyed peas as the filling.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, T! That food looks fantastic! I'm so happy you were able to spend the holidays with your family.