Vegan Mofo: Mushroom Tibs

One thing about vegans is that we tend to have serious cookbook lust. Vegan cookbooks are portals into another world of not being outcasts because of our aversion to animal products, and we cling to them for dear life, hoping they will provide the perfect thing to serve to our in-laws or boss to trick them into thinking we are "normal." *(Which we will be in 20 years, when the entire world is vegan and artisan vegan cheese is in every corner market.)

Here in my household, my husband is a pretty good sport about not getting his desired ham and schnitzel dinners on the reg, but I still love finding a recipe that knocks socks off, vegan or not.

And I just found one yesterday, courtesy of (who else?) Isa Chandra Moskowitz, grand doyenne of Vegan cuisine. I've been reading her new cookbook, "Appetite for Reduction," more as recreational reading than instructional, but I decided to cook one of my bookmarked recipes yesterday, Mushroom Tibs.

An incredibly simple and pantry-friendly side, this is essentially mushrooms coated in a bit of tomato paste and tons of warm and sexy spices that will make your kitchen smell great. Served with some turmeric rice with raisins, and de-frosted green beans with tons of fresh lemon, I had an amazing, almost restaurant quality meal which thrilled us both for almost no cash.

Next time I will make twice as much! And there will be a next time, trust me.
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Amey said...

I've cooked so much from that book - but I've never even noticed this recipe! Probably because I'm not really a mushroom person. But my Mr. is - so maybe I'll make it just for him. I totally know what you mean about how fun it is to make something that your buddy totally loves!

adriennefriend said...

Hm, I'm with Amey. I love that book (and I also love mushrooms) but I've never made this one. Hmm. Maybe because I figured if I wanted Tibs, I should use Kittee's recipe? Anyway, glad to hear this one is a good one.

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