Migas in Portugal

Mama Celeste, a Portuguese cook
My Dad recently traveled to Nazare, Portugal for work, and also for part of his "making my daughter jealous tour." While there, he witnessed monster feats of surfing during the day and stuffed his face with homey cooking in the evenings. Ah, the life of a cameraman.

There was one dish, coincidentally vegan, that he really enjoyed at thought to share with me.

Mama Celeste in her element
He wrote the following:

"If you order fish in Nazare it comes with garlicky potatoes and Migas,.. it’s a mixture of cornbread, kale and black eyed peas that tastes great and is light and fluffy.
The cook, Mama Celeste, who feeds a ravenous band of surfer dudes every day at her restaurant that bears her name, shared her recipe.

Cornbread  sauteed in olive oil
Kale sauteed in garlic
Black eyed peas boiled and salted.

The whole thing gets stirred together in and heated for a moment in a black skillet."
The finished product!
Sounds pretty delicious and do-able, right? I'm going to have to add this to my repertoire of easy dinner dishes.


Gina said...

"Sounds pretty delicious and do-able, right?": yes, and yes! Love the Beira (vegan, if no 'drippings' used) version of Migas. Thanks; making the cornbread as I write...

Fran said...

This sounds great! Thank you x

Gina said...

Making this for my family's belated Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. It has become a favourite, and although we have Portugese heritage, only started making Migas after reading this post almost a year ago now.