Vegan Mofo: Mushroom Risotto

Just a quickie today, kids!

Made risotto last night, the same way I always do, except this time, S had a brain flash. We could leave out the veg of the day (in this case, mushrooms) and just add it into our individual servings. Then, we can make a different veg tomorrow and add that into the leftovers! Brilliant, right? Especially if you have a ton of risotto rice and not a lot of one particular vegetable.

Two other small pieces of news: The NYT actually managed to have a whole article on vegan recipes without snarking! And the recipes look fairly good! Check it out here.

In other news, I started a new blog on a totally different subject- migration, statelessness, and refugees. In the off chance that those topics interest you, please feel free to check it out:


vegan.in.brighton said...

I love mushroom risotto & that's a genius idea. It's a good way to change up leftovers too.

jessy said...

i love this whole post, T! totally gonna check out the New York Times (thank you) and the idea to leave out the veggie 'n just add it afterwards so you can switch it up later with leftovers is absolutely brilliant. i'd also like to say i loved your post on veganism and i am mucho excitedfaced to check out your new blog. awesome all around, my friend!

Mandee said...

That risotto looks perfect! And not adding the veggies is a brilliant idea.

adriennefriend said...

brilliant idea there with the versatile risotto. isn't it funny how those sudden little flashes of insight come? especially when they seem so obvious after the fact. ah.