Vegan Mofo: I love my Kiez

A hipster baby eating at Cafe Marx? OMG that is so Kreutzberg, Alter...
Not to brag, or anything, but I live in pretty much the coolest neighborhood (or "Kiez" in Berliner slang) in the world. That's right, Kreutzberg 36, sort of a German Sesame Street for hippies and hipsters, maybe you've heard of it from your annoying globe-trotting friend who claims Berlin is the new Brooklyn. It's gained sort of a reputation lately and has experienced an influx of ridiculously hip British, French, and Spanish ex-pats looking to live in an artisitic, up and coming neighborhood. (This, of course, infuriates all the people who lived here before it was the center of world-hipsterdom, but what can you do.) People can complain about foreigners and gentrification all they want, but to me this neighborhood is pretty much paradise. Here are a few reasons why:

A vega-burger from Germany's first vegetarian fast-food restaurant, on Wienerstrasse
Now might be a good time to mention that punks burnt down a local McDonalds... twice
Guerilla gardening is really taking off. Check out above ground U-bahn-tracks in the background.
A soja latte w/ extra foam at Cafe Marx
One of several Sudanese restaurants around, serving up excellent tofu wraps.
Thrift store at Spreewaldplatz- meeting all of your bowling shoe, accordian, and cowboy hat needs.

Morrocan vegetable tagine, falafel, fresh carrot juice, and Veggie doner's at Rissani

And of course, every open surface is covered with murals and graffiti.

So that's my neighborhood, at least for the time being. And although I move around a lot, I'm proud to call multi-kulti, vegan friendly, hipster populated Kreutzberg my home. Come visit sometime!

Song of the Day: Kiezkiller


Tea and Sympatico said...

lovely post, your neighbourhood looks fab! Let's hope it doesn't become too trendy and too expensive to live there. That's happened to me twice before!

vegan.in.brighton said...

I love Kreutzberg! I've been back 3 times now & I always go to Yellow Sunshine and Nil!

jd said...


Now I know where to go when I'm escaping from Brooklyn :)

PS Hipster baby? Adorable!

T said...

@vegan.in.brighton- let's meet up next time you come, how funny that you go to my two faves!

@jd- you definitely wouldn't be the first. :)

Vegangela said...

Oh it sounds awesome there! I have to say, I've never been to Europe (other than London and I don't think that counts?)... I will definitely be adding Berlin to my list!

jessy said...

that's pretty awesome on the McD's being bruned down twice. i fork'n love that. ha! Kreutzberg looks awesome - i'm totally jealous, T. lots of tasty eats, creative people, culture, gueriila gardening....i mean, what's not to love?! huzzah!