Inauguration Day in DC!

What a completely amazing day! Finally, DC revealed some hidden advantages to living here when I got to be part of the joy as Obama got sworn in just down the street. Guys, I actually thought to myself today that I am *proud* to be an American! I'm not sure when, if ever, that thought has crossed my mind before. (Certainly not during the last 8 years.)

All over DC people were swarming the streets smiling and laughing and talking to strangers. (Even on the metro!) And by the time I got back to Columbia Heights, it was just in time for thealternative inaugural parade, which had some amazing drummers. It just felt like the mood was so lightened and that, although no one is expecting a miracle, that we are moving out of an era defined by fear, greed, and narrow-mindedness. Now, of course, we still need to ban Prop 8 and its counterparts, close Gitmo, and withdraw from Iraq but... it seems possible now!

I especially liked how during his speech, Obama emphasized that responsibility is an outward thing: a duty we have towards our family, communities, and global neighbors. For so long "responsibility" has been a term invoked by the right to mock welfare mothers and pregnant teenagers (or worse, as part of a "culture of ownership"). Its great to see this term turned around!

Anyways, I made some muffins to help me and my Mom brave the cold to head downtown. It helped somewhat, but it was still incredibly f*&king cold!

These muffins are the quick banana-oat muffins from The Garden of Vegan, one of my favorite cookbooks. I subbed in whole wheat flour and added some blueberries in there too, and they were fabulous, as is everything that comes out of Sarah Kramer's mind. (Did I mention I had a dream that she had a new cookbook out the other night? Someone needs to buy me Vegan A -Go-Go.)

Oh man, I'm still broke and I still despise law school, but I can't see how anyone could be in a bad mood after this! Hope everyone had a great day!


Anonymous said...

How exciting that you were THERE! I'm with you, this is the first time in so long that I am not embarassed by my US passport! WOOOOO!

jessy said...

that's so awesome that you were there! oh my gosh! hoooooooooooray! Obama makes me heart go squeeeeeeee! i just love that man! wasn't his speech the best?!

your muffins look uber awesome! sorry it was so damn cold! brrrrrrrrrr! i don't have The Garden of Vegan - but my friend gave me Vegan-A-Go-Go for christmas - sounds like i need to open it up and start cook'n!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Woohoo! You are so lucky!

VeggieGirl said...

Banana-Oat Muffins??? Mmm, classic deliciousness!!

allularpunk said...

it was a wonderful day! how awesome that you got to participate in DC... i watched the inaugeration on my lunchbreak, perched on the edge of my chair, tearing up while eating leftover potatoes. it was still pretty darned wonderful.

Bianca said...

I'm proud to be an American now too. I've never been able to say that. I cried last night watching Jay-Z perform at the inaugural ball. They were flashing pics of Dr King in the background and Jay-Z had everyone hold up peace signs while he sang. That would NEVER happened at a Bush inauguration party. He doesn't even know what peace is.

I love Sarah Kramer too. I also would like for someone to buy me Vegan A-Go-Go

tofufreak said...

mmm nice muffins :)