New Years Resolutions

Me and S. in Budapest, NYE with an awesome old Trabbi in the Jewish Quarter

I find that most people fall into one of two camps on the topic of New Years Resolutions. You are either of the sort that makes a list, fully (and foolishly) intends to follow through, tells everybody, lalala... or the type that loudly proclaims that if you want to accomplish something, you simply do it, without waiting for some bullshit holiday to push you along.

Well, I'm sorry all-year-long achievers, but that is simply obnoxious. Play along with the rest of us, won't you? I mean, you really just like to pick some random day in April to, say, start going to the gym or quit smoking or leave your dead-end job/ town/ relationship... and then you, like, just DO IT?

Well, not being a Nike ad myself, I need that little push. In fact, I would like if there was a New Years Eve at the beginning of every month, as I seem to pick up new (and unique!) bad habits on a weekly basis. At any rate, I like the fact that the whole country is pulling along with me to stop the annoying and self-destructive things we did last year, and pick up all new cancer causing habits/ relationships. Let's do it, America!

And further, like the Washington Post, I like to do an In/ Out list, rather than a plain old list. For comparison sake.

So, food-related resolutions for 2009!!!!

In: Saving money by sticking to a weekly food budget and making lists before I get to the grocery store.
Out: Just wandering aimlessly around the grocery store like "Lalala, I think I'll have chocolate soymilk, potato chips, and ginger snaps for dinner tonight..."

IN: Cooking one recipe a week from my massive cookbook collection.
OUT: Merely reading my cookbooks, like novels, from cover to cover.

IN: Making my own fabulous lunch, composed of nifty ideas from Vegan Lunch Box!
OUT: Stealing free soup-crackers from cafeteria, if I remember to, then almost passing out from starvation on route home.

IN: Cleaning my house with safe, non-toxic, DIY housekeeping methods (baking soda and vinegar and the like.)
OUT: Er... just, not cleaning at all.....

IN: Making cheap and fabulous dinners in two batches so I can successfully utilize that whole "leftovers" phenomenon. (Like, for example, the simple corn tortilla stacks from the other night, with spiced black beans, chipotle salsa, cheddar Teese, sour cream and avocados.)
OUT: Making expensive single-person dinners that take a ton of effort and do not produce leftovers.

(Yum! These beauties lasted me two days instead of one! Economizing!)

Hm, so I guess the bottom line is that I'm going to try to save money without sacrificing my fabulous vegan lifestyle. Sounds achievable... right?

Happy (belated) New Years!

Song of the Day: The New Year- Death Cab for Cutie


ConsiderEatz! said...

Baha! What a great post, I totally dig all the resolutions, I need to print out a copy for myself- I love it all!

jessy said...

i love new years resolutions - and i totally make lists, too! although i've only got 2 resolutions so far. #1. no booze until my birthday in may & #2. run a half marathon. i think both are do-able! :) i really love your list - and i think that meal planning & sticking to your grocery list will save you ridiculous amounts of money. saves dan & i about $25+ a week! w00t! i also have lots of cookbooks that i read, but never actually use. i might have to extend my resolution list! thanks! :) and leftovers = the best! not only do they taste awesome - but there's so much you can do with them, too! they also make your life easier! what's not to love?
might i add that your corn tortilla stacks = super scrumptious, fo 'sho!

happy new year!

Gauri Radha गौरी राधा said...

Those avocado-topped tortilla stacks look very good.