Caffeine Alternatives

Something about summertime makes the following things mandatory to consume daily, at least for me: mango, lime, corn, ginger, avocado. Well, actually, these are pretty much year-long obsessions. But, there is something about hot weather that entices you to eat things with less preparation, to add a little kick or spice to something and call it a day. Its either laziness or a testament to how sweet summer produce is, or a little of both. (Actually, all of those things together are pretty awesome too.)

My favorite mid-day snack and caffeine-alternative at the moment is mango, doused in lime juice, salt and pepper, (shout out to M.I.A.!) or alternatively, lime juice and sriracha. The salt and pepper just adds a little kick, while sriracha turns it into weird spicy candy. Both effectively kick me back into study mode. Splashed down with a little homemade ginger limeade (still working on the recipe) and I'm in heaven. Ginger is another one of those foods that seems to go straight to my head and wake me up. And lord knows, I'm not above trying anything that will wake me up. (Well, except for like, meth.:P)

The other night to celebrate my brother being in town we had a little bbq with even more summer goodness- sweet corn with lime and earth balance, marinated grilled mushrooms, garlic-sauteed spinach and home-fries. It's so convenient to have grill access for quick and easy suppers after a long hard day of... studying in the air conditioning. I'm trying to get braver about trying things on it, since I tend to burn all things that are not vegetable kebabs.

And speaking of studying, back to it! In exactly 3 weeks from today I'll be walking out of the NY bar exam a free woman!

Song of the day: Regina Spektor- Dance Anthems of the Eighties

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J. said...

I get that M.I.A. lyric in my head whenever salt and pepper is added to fruit!

That is a great snack idea. I love ginger too, especially in smoothies in the morning. Raspberry-banana-ginger is the current favourite.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Mmm there's nothing like a ripe mango!

nicoleishappy said...

We have something in common i LOVE corn,avacado,and mangos! yum yum yum, every time my mom brings these in our house they are gone in a matter of days.haha
have a great day girl

Bianca said...

Mango with sriracha and lime sounds oddly amazing. I'm gonna have to try that!

jessy said...

ya know, now that you mention it – those are some of my favorite foods as well! huzzah! sweet jeebus, i’ve gotta try the mango ‘n lime juice AND the mango ‘n lime juice + sriracha (i never would have thought to try the combination).

ooooh, i will be hounding you for the ginger limeade recipe, T!

hooray for a tasty bbq, too! mmmmmm! i let dan do the grill’n because he calls me the "blackened beyond edibilty" queen! ahahahahahahaa!