Pancakes and Grilled Polenta with Portobellos and Gravy

How lucky is my little brother? Not only does he get all my old college poli-sci books, but I make him pancakes with strawberries and chocolate-hazelnut spread (inspired by CCV's contest, natürlich) every morning. Well, I made it once. But still. Lucky!

I guess it was partially for me too... the only antidote to learning boring and enraging shit about our legal system is to eat incredibly decadent food!

I'm studying corporations right now, and may I just rant for a moment? (I'll take that as a "yes.") The basic idea behind corporations is to offer protection to groups of people who wish to make a profit, by making them relatively immune to legal liability individually, and to allow them to hide behind the corporation as a "legal person". I just believe that this is inherently immoral. We don't allow that much power for groups that do NOT entirely exist to make a profit, so why only allow it for greed? The effect is that no matter how terrible the thing a corporation does (cough, cough, Monsanto, Enron, Blackwater, Exxon...ect) the individual members disclaim their responsibility for it to the end... and what's worse, they don't really have a choice! Our society has approved of allowing a fictitious legal representative take the fall for something individual people thought up and accomplished, we encourage it and reward it! The resulting legal and moral crimes never get punished... or do, and get taken out of the corporation's capital, never out of individual pockets. They get a kind of protection that individual people could never dream of, and are capable of perpetuating wrongs that individuals would never be capable of.

Its just. so. enraging.

At any rate, its only 12 more days and this is all over, and I can stop fuming about legal injustices and start getting excited for Berlin, Brussels, and... human rights abuses scholarship... ? Well, what can I say, I like being angry. I'm a glutton for punishment.

And a glutton for other things. This is a delicious dinner my Mom and I made to make studying a bit more enjoyable: Grilled Polenta over steamed spinach, with grilled Portobellos and Vidalia Onion Gravy. It was so marvelous, and extremely quick and easy to put together. I mean, I literally put the spinach on a plate, topped it with grilled polenta triangles, and grilled, marinated portobellas. The gravy is from VCON and though also quite easy, it defines decadent, especially with the summer's awesome supply of huge vidalia onions. This is definitely a good thing to throw together for company, especially since you can make most of it outside on the grill.

Too good to be true. And now, back to horrible, miserable Corporations

Song of the Day: Morphine- Buena


Anonymous said...

Those pancakes look so good.I can only dream of eating strawberries. Yes there are in the supermarket here but too expensive. These pancakes sound so good.I never made polenta. We have something in Barbados called cou cou which is our national dish it is a softer polenta with okra embedded. I guess if I like that I will like polenta.

Tofu Mom (AKA Tofu-n-Sprouts) said...

Mmmmm... Love the onions over the polenta, I need to try that!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I want to be your little brother! Is that weird? ;)

And now I am craving chocolate-strawberry pancakes...

Mihl said...

I don't mind a little corporation rant.
Wow, those look like some seriously perfect pancakes!

jessy said...

did you say pancakes with strawberries & chocolate hazelnut spread, T?!? sweet jeebus, i love you! i wish i were your sibling, too! mmmmmmmmmm! eating incredibly decadent food sounds most glorious, and a good way to get your mind off of all that studying - even if it’s just for a little bit.

YAY for ranting! i had no idea that corporations were so awful. i guess i really didn't know exactly what they do. damn! rewarding and encouraging this crap is shit! now you’ve got me all angryfaced, too!

12 more days – wahooooooooo! berlin & brussels = the best! your mom rocks, T – and i need to try that vcon gravy. now you’ve got me craving polenta. hooray!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Oh, I could go on and on with you about corporations and their lack of legal responsibility. It almost seems as if it is intentional, that someone almost knew that this would be the result. You are a human and you fuck someone over - go to jail, you are a corporation - well, we'll just weasel our way out of this one for you.

Anyway, you do NOT want me to get started on corporations, but I will suggest reading the book The Corporation by Joel Bakan, it is very informative.

The food looks great by the way!

miss v said...

yum! i love polenta and portobellos! what a great combo!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Anyone who gets those dishes are lucky! yum.

kristen said...

just found your blog. omg it is the best thing ever.

Briana said...

I have never thought of corporations that way. While I do not ENTIRELY agree with you, the buried radical liberal in me is secretly cheering you on. I liked your concept so much that I'm going to include it in my class discussion when I teach about corporations.