Vegan Mofo- Moving on...

Uh-oh, looks like I'm already tardy to Vegan Mofo Party! I hope there is still enough pita and hummus to go around!
But don't worry, I have an excellent reason for my lateness... namely, I thought today was October 1st. You see, I have been traveling (very, very slowly) on trains in Eastern Europe and my sense of time seems to have slowed to match. I was in Belgrade, Serbia this week, and it was amazing! I attended a conference on legal invisibility and statelessness in Serbia, stayed at a fancy hotel, and drank too much coffee and wine. (Ugh, don't you hate that mixture of being half-way over caffeinated and halfway buzzed?) As for food, I had an amazing fig salad, some vegetable curry (weird, right?), some kind of baked beans dish, broiled paprika, and more, however, I didn't take pictures. Sorry.. but I was straining the whole time to act unimpressed with the free hotel, free food, famous human rights lawyers.. so taking pictures of my food did not fit in with the image of an talented lawyer who goes to these kinds of conferences all the time that I was trying so desperately (and probably so obviously) to project. But over all, it was a successful visit and I *might* be returning to Belgrade soon for further escapades with legal invisibility... fingers crossed. And hopefully next time, I will venture beyond a hotel courtyard and check out some of the city's many vegetarian options.
And for my last meal in Budapest? I wanted to use up all the leftover produce so my roomate wouldn't hate me in a week. So I had a garlicky, gingery stir fry with bok choy, butternut squash, and these mysterious speckled pink beans I found a few days ago. It was homey and satisfying, and as good a kick-off to Vegan Mofo as any! Now, time to get moving, and prepare mentally for another 14 hour train ride...

song of the day: St. Vincent- Cruel

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Dawn said...

Glad you made it to MoFo! Found you in the feed :-)

See you around the 'Fo!

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