Sexual politics of...wtf?

Wow, our culture is so confused about its symbols. Here we have a standard handbag being carried by a stylish young woman on the way out the door. But whats that on her bag? Why.... its a uterus!

Hmmm... thats.... interesting.

And even better: its sewn out of leather! So. This kicky girl is wearing around a bag that features a picture of one of her most embattled internal organs--- stiched out of dead skin from a cow. In other words, an animal had to die so she could make a heavily confused statement whilst toting around her lipstick and wallet. (Is that image supposed to be empowering? Perhaps, educational?)

The whole thing just reeks of dismemberment and absent referents. I mean, we are referring to a woman's insides by way of a cow's insides... and ignoring the living beings behind both.

In case you're itching for one, they're available here. And don't worry, they've also got heart, lungs and kidney. :)

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