Vegam Mofo: Enchiladas and Tacos

Potato Spinach Enchiladas with Chipotle Sauce
 One of the nice things about having a repetoire of dishes that you've made dozens of times is that , if the dish is flexible enough, you can tweak it to include just about anything. That's how I feel about Enchiladas. I've got this so down that so long as I have some diced tomatoes and tortillas, I can make an enchilada out of just about anything. This week? I used chipotle for spicing up the sauce, and potatoes and spinach for a filler. Topped with a bit of vegan yogurt for cooling and its pure comfort food.

The leftover tortillas I used as a vehicle for using up some of the other veggies hanging out in my kitchen. Acorn squash, baked with some thyme and olive oil makes a nice, mashable base for  a simple sofrito from extra onions and peppers. Garnished with some hot sauce and guacamole and you've got a very serviceable quick and easy Friday dinner after a week of cooking up a storm.

Song of the Day: Metric- Synthetica


Kittee Bee Berns said...

Y'know, I almost never make enchiladas, and I have no idea why. We both love 'em, but I guess I view them as sorta high maintenance. I think I need to explore this further, cuz I'm sure they don't have to be as complicated as I think.

Thanks for the inspiration!

jd said...

You know what's crazy? I've never made enchiladas! I'm pretty sure I have to now...