Vegan Mofo: Silver Dollar Pancakes

In my ongoing quest to make soulful vegan mofo-foodsies, today I had a special request for breakfast: Silver Dollar Pancakes! For the uninitiated, these are very special pancakes that take years of training and have nothing to do with normal pancakes. (Shhhh.... you just make normal pancakes, except smaller.)

Any-old-way, I used my old standby recipe from Vegan Brunch and doused them in maple syrup and vegan margarine. I served them alongside some grapefruit and amped up vegan wurstchen (sausages.) I trick them out by sprinkling garlic powder and paprika on them, which is basically enough to trick out anything.

Awesome breakfast, to be followed by problematic but still awesome dinner of Pad Thai!

Don't worry, I'll tell you tomorrow. :)

Song of the Day- Scissor Sisters- Don't Feel Like Dancing


Amey said...

oh man. ever since our wedding, I've been watching my diet and trying to lose a few pounds... since I certainly packed a few on! ha ha. the end result, however, is me thinking about pancakes and waffles and french toast non-stop. MoFo isn't helping! ha ha!

Kittee Bee Berns said...

I can never get my pancakes that deep golden color! They either get too burned around the edges or just stay light. What's your secret?


vegan.in.brighton said...

Those look amazing, I love pancakes & yours look perfect!

Sal said...

I always wondered what silver dollar pancakes were. They look great.

adriennefriend said...

Those pancakes are perfect pancakes.

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