Vegan Mofo: Trendy Chile w/ Chipotles, Sweet Potatoes and Chocolate

If you've browsed through recipe pages at all (and yes Mofoer, I know you have) you may have noticed that there are more Vegan Chile Recipes than there are vegans. Everyone has a slight variation with a wild weird ingredient that catches on like wildfire for a bit. For the last few years, you could say these were:
  • Chipotles
  • Chocolate
  • Beer 
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Tomatillos
  • Sweet potatoes
 Well, I love trying new things and I'm not really married to any special recipe of my own, so whenever I make chile, I go for broke. This time was no different. This chile contained 3-4 chipotles, a handful of dark chocolate chunks, sweet potatoes, and a sip of beer, among other, standard chile ingredients. I served it over soft polenta with some chopped onions and cool yogurt. It was outstanding, if almost a little too trendy.

I would post the recipe, but I don't want to add to the clutter of the online vegan chile world. Just go experiment kids, its hard to mess something so essentially and innocently good!
Song of the Day: Basement Jaxx- Do your thing


Mandee said...

I don't make chilli very often but I should be trying all these new MoFo recipes! Yours looks good and now I have Do Your Thing in my head :D

Kristen said...

I always add chipotle and sometimes sweet potato, but serving it over polenta (instead of making rocklike vegan cornbread) is BRILLIANT.

adriennefriend said...

"I don't want to add to the clutter of the online vegan chile world" - Love this.

Amey said...

ha ha. GREAT post! I really love chili, and I am also currently on the search for a new Favorite Chili Recipe. Somehow, my old favorites are no longer doing it for me. There's one in Appetite for Reduction that I love, but it's got brussels sprouts and kabocha squash in it - so it's hardly an all purpose chili. also, I love your idea of embracing All Chili Trends at once. Daring!

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